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Marine enzymes are bioactive ingredient which are applicable to numerous aspects such
as food processing, storage, fortification and others. Marine enzymes are primarily
derived from the plants and animals which lie under water. Its various advantages over
traditional enzymes such as it can function at extreme temperature and pH while food
processing, can be used in heat-sensitive processes, acts as thickeners and stabilizers in a
variety of foods and other products, thus it is expected to support its growth across the
globe during the forecast period.
Marine Enzymes Market Segmentation
Marine enzymes market is segmented on the basis of sources which includes fungi,
marine plants and marine animals. Among all these segments marine animals is expected
to occupy major position on the pie followed marine plants. Marine animals is further
sub-segment as fishes, crabs, snakes and prawns. Among all these sub-segment fish is
expected to account for major market share during the forecast period. Fish proteins such
as collagens and their gelatin derivatives can perform at relatively low temperatures and
can also be used in heat-sensitive processes such as gelling and clarifying, which is
expected to support the demand of fish enzyme in marine enzymes market during
forecast period. However, crabs and prawns are also expected to show a healthy growth
during in the near future.
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Report Description
Marine enzymes market is also segmented on the basis of application, which includes
animal feed industry, food and beverages industry, pharmaceutical industry, cosmetic
industry and others…