P1 Unit 13

Dry Run
Unit 13: Recruitment and selection in businessProcesses involved in recruitment planningStudent Name
Assessment Criteria
Feedback And Actions
Identify how two organisations plan recruitment using internal and external sourcesComplete the attached worksheet: Use full sentences and explain each point. You will cover the following. The reasons why vacancies occur in LSFC and in Starbucks
Factors which influence an organisation to recruit
Why an organisation might decide to recruit internally or externally
Methods of advertising internally and externally for LSFC and for Starbucks
Choice of media used by LSFC and StarbucksThe reasons why vacancies occur
Identify 3 reasons why vacancies occur in generalA reason why vacancies occur in general is because of an employee leaving the company, which happens when an employee has been offered a better salary in a different business so they leave the company they are working for. This happens generally, which makes the company open up vacancies as they will need a person to fill in that place. The second reason why vacancies occur in general is because of seasonal work. Companies may have vacancies say in winter due to Christmas so, they will need more employees because at the time, businesses get busy.Third reason why vacancies occur in general is because of long-term sickness. This is where businesses/companies will need to get new employees or may decide to make the employees that have experience to work overtime so, that the business doesn’t be affected.Identify another reason why a vacancy might occur in a collegeA vacancy might occur in a college because a member of staff may leave the college due to maternity, which will lead the college to find a teacher who has experience to work in that field rather than having supply teachers….