The test that everyone wants to pass as a teen was my most nerve racking experience anyone has ever had. The smelly and crowded like packed sardines DMV made you want to disembark the place. The scariest parts were the rumors of the mean workers at the DMV, were they really mean? But overall this adventure to be permitted was a great experience for me.
As I woke up early in the morning ready to pass my test for my permit I asked myself, “was I ready or not”? Not reading half the book just basically looking at practice test, I knew I was in trouble. I got out of bed I went to get ready, took a shower, and ate breakfast. I also studied for a bit while eating breakfast but I knew that wasn’t enough. When my mom woke up I was ready to leave and out the door we left to the DMV.
We were on the road to the DMV I took another chance to look at the driver handler’s booklet. My mom tested me and I seemed pretty ready, even though I only studied for about a week. But I mostly got distracted by going on Facebook and Snapchat telling me friends I was taking the permit test today. With a little bit of driving knowledge I felt my heart beat and asked “myself will I pass or not”. When we arrived at the DMV I was uneasy about the test but ready.
My mom and I stepped inside DMV it seemed not to crowded I was wrong. There was a huge line to get your ticket and for them to check your eye site, and show proof you were born in the USA. As we got through and passed the simple test, we got called up and I said to myself “wow that was quick” but I was also wrong there. We got called up for a picture and had to get another ticket for the real wait, 1 hour. We waited for at least 1 hour so I used the time up to study more. I knew I didn’t have time to look at the book realizing it was in my car so I had to look at practice questions in my phone. Time flew quickly and by the time I knew it my number got called up.
Finally it was my turn to take the test, but not…