Physical Attribute

Each individual possesses a distinct physical attribute that lends insight into their character. Society offers the hackneyed explanation of looking into the eyes for understanding into one’s identity’; for me this proves to be untrue. My eyes contribute information merely in a superficial manner, whereas the impressions imprinted on my hands illustrate the story of my being.
The callous swelling that has developed on the middle finger of my right hand serves as a constant reminder of the perseverance and determination necessary to reach my academic prosperity. Academics served as the driving force in all my endeavors. Upon graduation from Fairleigh Dickinson I continued my study of dentistry through Fairleigh Dickinson’s Pre-Professional Degree Program. After years of intense work that required steadfast persistence to complete I successfully obtained my DMD from the New York University School of Dental Medicine. The hardened bump on my weathered hands that has developed from years of steady writing conveys my unwavering desire to attain success. Looking at the diploma that now hangs on the wall of my office, I arrive at the realization that even though the marks on my hands may eventually fade away, the experiences infused in me will endure forever.
The distinguishing feature present on my left fourth finger will always remain
symbolic in my life. This distinct marking, my wedding ring, symbolizes the pinnacle of my success. Besides being a successful orthodontist, I am also a devout husband and a loving father. It was once said “You leave home to seek your fortune and, when you get it, you go home and share it with your family.” My existence would be futile if I could not share it with my wife and three children.
The markings present upon my hands portray a determined individual whose desire for success enabled him to live an advantageous life. My education at Fairleigh Dickinson fostered me to believe in the impossible and now I have obtained a…