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www.tutorialrank.comReadings Cooper, Ch. 1-5 of Business Research Methods.
A statistical consultant was retained by a linen supplier to analyze a survey of hospital purchasing managers. After looking at the data, she realized that the survey had missed several key geographical areas and included some that were outside the targeted region. Some survey questions were ambiguous; some respondents failed to answer all of the questions or gave silly replies. One manager said he worked 40 hours a day. Of the 1,000 surveys mailed only 80% were returned.
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www.tutorialrank.comReadings Cooper, Ch. 6-10 of Business Research Methods.
What ethical risks are involved in observation research? Explain the risks associated
How does data in qualitative research differ from data in quantitative research? Describe a business situation and a research question. Identify which research design is the most appropriate to investigate the situation and why. Is the research design quantitative or qualitativeCompare the advantages and disadvantages of survey research to those of observation. Under what circumstances could you make a case for using observation research? Can you make generalizations about individuals from observations? Why or why not?…