RE: Week 1 Discussion

There are 2 main types of defense, Man-to-man and Zone defense. Man-to-man defense is when you cover/block 1 specific person on the other team preventing them to get the ball or score. Defense is the main thing to get your team to win. Zone defense is a type of defense used in basketball, instead of each player guarding a specific player on the other team; each defensive player is given an area known as a “zone” to cover.Man-to-man defense is very efficient if you play it right this defense is designed so that nobody gets the ball if you block them correctly. Your weight should be on the balls of your feet, and your feet should be about shoulder width apart. Keep your head up, eyes forward, arms out with your palms up and elbows bent a little. Watch the offensive player on the other team’s belly-button, especially if the person is quick and hard to stay with. The offensive player can fake you with a head fake, eye fake, arm or shoulder fake, or a jab-step, but the belly-button will always go only in the direction that the player is going.Zone defense (2-3, 1-3-1) is the defense that I did. Zone Defense 2-3 is the most common defense that is used in basketball. Its weakness is that it can be beaten by outside shooting. If you have good, quick athletes, the 2-3 zones can also be a more aggressive, trapping style of defense. You have to have a quick athlete to do this style of defense. Zone Defense 1-3-1 has the advantage of being able to block on the outside arc and high post, you can also do a little bit of trapping. The weakness is when the offense attacks from the corners they have an easy access to score.