Reflection of American History X

Reflection and Discussion of American History XThis movie portrayed and captivated the whole idea of racism in American culture and aroused feelings of disgusted, conflict, and sadness. Racism is one of the biggest flaws that has been exercised by humanity throughout history and continues to be a prevalent issue in today’s society. While watching this movie I was reminded of what people think of when I tell them where I am from and that it is near Jasper, TX. In 1998, three men, of whom at least two were known white supremacists, murdered an African-American by beating him severely, urinating on him, chaining him by his ankles to their pickup truck, and dragging him for over a mile. I am filled with sadness when I think of how this event and the events of the movie show how current and extreme the issue of racism really is.
Even over decade after the Civil Rights movement many whites were still filled with an “us against them” mentality. The best way I can describe the difference between racism now verses before the Civil Rights movement is that is was more direct and openly accepted 30 years ago compared to how “hidden” it is today. When I say “hidden” I am not implying that it is unseen, but that it is expressed in ways such as less desirably positions in education, housing, the criminal justice system, and the job market. For example, Derek only had to serve 3 years in prison for murdering two African American individuals while Lamont, a colored inmate that Derek works with, is serving 6 years for “throwing” a television at a police officer.
The first half of the movie portrays people of color very stereotypically as thugs and thieves. There were two very positive and important colored characters in this movie. Dr. Bob Sweeney visits and helps Derek in prison and works to keep Danny from following the same path. Lamont was a fellow inmate that worked with Derek in prison, and saved his life by…