Rice Color Sorter Integrated With High End Optics

Based on the multi-module parallel processing structure, the color sorter has adopted latest CCD sensor, advanced optical sorting cabinet, tailor-made high speed mini-ejector system, instant video frequency control algorithm and reliable network transmission protocol.
There are two types of Rice Color Sorters in the market: optical type and CCD type; No matter which type is it, the basic working principle is: the color difference between good rice and bad(unwanted) rice. First of all, the machine should translate the photo signal to electronic signal by photo-sensor and other complex element; then due to there is difference between good materials and bad materials, so corresponding there is also a difference good materials’ electronic current; And we can adjust some degree electronic current is”safe” (good materials)and other is”dangerous”(bad or unwanted materials). At last, when the electronic current is “safe”, there is nothing happens and rice will successfully fall down to the accepted oputlet; but if the electronic current is “dangerous”, the ejector will be driven to blow away the bad or unwanted materials.
Our Rice Color Sorter features:
1. High reliability
Our rice color sorter is equipped with cooling system for longer service life and higher stability.
Reliable mechanical structure design, simple and effective electrical and optical system, and optimized system structure greatly improve the reliability of the machine.
2. Advanced image acquisition and processing system
Our rice colour sorter uses high speed linear array CCD image sensor (2048 pixels) and high accuracy lens to realize image acquisition, which can detect 0.04mm2 heterochromatic regions.
A specialized image processing system is used for high speed processing of spectral parameters and shape characteristics.
3. Intelligent image processing algorithm
A intelligent algorithm based on color and shape is adopted, and special processing for yellows, stained, pinpoint blackheads…