Jada Sloan
Instructor D. Cox
English 1102
27 October 2015
Rhetorical Reading Response: Negative Effects of Social Networking
In the article “Negative Effects of Social Networking” (2014), written by Stanley Ogwotu, the author argues that social networking is not good for people. Ogwotu supports his argument by using many different examples to show how social networking is bad. He also uses sources and mentions that he has experienced cyberbullying. The intended audience for this article would be intended for frequent social media users.
After reading this article, I know more about how social media could be dangerous for users. I never even thought about all of the ways that someone could possibly be victim to the crimes caused by social media. I agree with his argument to an extent. I do know that social media can be very dangerous; but because it is so fun to people, they do not realize that a lot of things they post can be risky for themselves. I understand the point that the author is making.
I think Ogwotu argued his argument very well. He gave plenty examples of how social media can be dangerous for users. The author not only did research on this issue, he experienced it himself. Throughout the article, I understood what the author was talking about the entire time. The author makes it clear that he thinks that social media is dangerous. He used several sources to back up his argument. This article appeals to one’s emotional side because it mentions stalking, kidnapping, and negative effects on relationships.