Business Success Stories
Assessment One: The Successful Entrepreneur et Moi Date Due: Week 7 in your timetabled classThis individual assessment identifies and explores the characteristics of a successful entrepreneur, in relation to yourself. It is a written assignment which includes image texts. Learning Outcomes Assessed:
1. Identify and explore the range of entrepreneurial characteristics that contribute to business success
2. Identify and explore various types of entrepreneurs and entrepreneurships Task:
A) Identify one person who you think is an interesting and successful entrepreneur, and select two-three images of this person and their business.B) For each of the following questions, write a short paragraph:1. Who is the entrepreneur? What is their work? How do the images you have chosen reflect who they are and their area of enterprise/business
Khalil fuller is a 21 years old man, decided to start new journey away from his education and social innovation studies at brown university. He turned to the thing he liked and has a patient on it; he decided to run learn fresh education Co, the group that creates NBA Math Hoops by the curriculum developer and math teacher 17 years ago. The NBA Math Hoops is a basketball board game that makes math much easier for kids by playing it in a new and fun way. However it become now a mobile app and Fuller have done his mission by brought this game to over a 500 schools and afterschool programs to reach over than 15.000 students. 2. Why do you find this entrepreneur interesting? Why might you want to do the type of work they do? Why might you want to be like them
3. Explain their specific entrepreneurial characteristics, qualities, attitudes, and knowledge that inspire you. 4. Describe in your own words why this person is so successful.5. What entrepreneurial characteristics do you have in common with this entrepreneur – qualities, skills, attitudes,…