Sci/256 final

People, Science And
The Environment
9/22/2015 – 10/26/2015
Final Exam
Final Exam
1. One of the interesting correlates of population growth is that as the human population increases, the effects on the environment:
a) are growing at a slower rate
b) proceed at about the same rate
c) are growing at an even faster rate
d) are completely unrelated to the actual numbers of people
e) cannot be determinedAns: C2. According to the Environmental Science text, the environmental statement of the 1990s was “saving our planet”. Is Earth’s very survival really in dangera) no, because in the long view, the changes humans have made to earth will be cleansed by natural processes
b) no, because sustainability refers only to the next 2 generations of humans
c) yes, because resources are becoming really sparse
d) yes, because energy will run out
e) none of the aboveAns: A
3. The use of renewable environmental resources faster than they can be replenished would be considered:
a) sustainable use of resources
b) sustainable use of an ecosystem
c) unsustainable
d) at maximum carrying capacity
e) sustainable growthAns: CFeedback: 1.3 Sustainability and Carrying Capacity
Difficulty: Medium4. An explanation for a natural phenomenon that relates and explains many observations and is supported by a great deal of evidence is called a:
a) hypothesis
b) controlled experiment
c) technology
d) theory
e) factAns: D5. Which of the following is the correct sequence of steps, from beginning to end, in the Scientific Method?
a) hypothesis –> controlled experiment –> inferences –> conclusions
b) conclusions –> controlled experiment –> observations –> hypothesis
c) controlled experiment –> inferences –> deductive proof –> hypothesis
d) observations –> hypothesis –> controlled experiment –>…