Shoplifting and the Economy

Everest University
Shoplifting and the Economy
Hidden EffectsShannon R Courson
When we shoplift we seldom think about how this affects customers, taxpayers, and our families. It is a selfish act that has a very negative impact on the economy. Millions of dollars are lost yearly because of this complete lack of concern. Millions of more dollars go into providing salaries to law enforcement and loss-prevent personnel, who work very hard to fight for justice and public safety. The economy sees the rise in shoplifting and has to combat this by passing new laws to increase taxes paid by those who work due to these increases in law enforcement needed. Billions of taxpayer dollars go into the correction industry to provide food, clothing, shelter, medical care, and education to inmates. Probation officers are in high demand, due to the rise of criminal activity. This cost also involves the insurance industry. Businesses pay for insurance coverage, and then must file claims on lost merchandise, causing their rates to increase at an alarming rate.
When we walk into a place of business, often we see CD’s, DVD’s and Video Games locked safely away in glass cages. We see security locks on many items. We look up to find security cameras covering the ceiling. At the door, there are often magnetic scanners. We see workers constantly busy keeping an eye on their stations to assure they are not held responsible for any loss occurring under their watch. Often, we see security personnel walking around. Outside, police officers patrol the parking lot. We never see the cost to the store to provide all of this security protection, nor do we see the cost needed to increase these measures when a loss due to shoplifting is discovered. We never see the cost the store has in providing worker’s compensation insurance for all of these people.
Shoplifting causes stores in the United States to lose billions of dollars each year in revenue, thus causing an increase in price…