The Digestive Syste Journey

The Digestive System Journey
*Chloe POV*
“But mommm” I whined, “I don’t want to have any more Mac & Cheese, I’m too full.”
“Sweetie, you made me cook that bowl of Mac & Cheese, so at least have one more spoonful” Mom said, giving me “the look”.
“Fineee” and with that I had a gulp of water and one more spoonful of Mac & Cheese which looked like all it contained was cheese and one elbow macaroni, but I didn’t care, mom said only ONE more spoonful.
*Mack POV*
“Ahhh! Someone please help! I don’t know what’s happening” I cried.
Once, I entered a pitch black slimy room, known as the mouth, I was terrified. I didn’t know what in the Mac & Cheese was happening to me, but worst of all I was alone, completely alone, no friends. As soon Chloe closed her mouth, I felt slimly stuff, known as the saliva, starting to cover me. Chloe’s salvia was breaking me apart into starch molecules; I think that’s what it’s called. It didn’t hurt; it just felt weird and gooey. I saw a gulp of water next to me; maybe he knows what’s happening.
“Hey” I called out, “do you know what’s happening?!”
“We are in the middle of chemical breakdown!” Water said, “the broccoli and eggs were talking about this earlier. You know how smart brain foods are.”
“But this is just the beginning” water added, “it’s all about to get worse.”
And then, just like he said, I felt pointy stuff, known as the teeth I think, mush me to little squishy pieces. I guess this is mechanical breakdown.
“Man, why didn’t I listen to those lectures that broccoli was always holding about the digestive system” I thought to myself, “it would have helped me so much.”
But, before I knew it, it was all over and I was incredibly relived.
“Kid hold on, we’re about to go down the esophagus!”
And at that moment the water and I got sucked down what he called the esophagus. It was pitch black as well and I felt all the smooth muscles squeezing water and I into the stomach-yeah, I think that’s what it’s called. Once we were…