the emergence of two parent families

Most of the people nowadays have multiple roles and responsibilities including work and family. There has some similar and differences of the roles as a parent and as a child as well as the roles of husbands and wives in two-career families and one-career families. Besides the roles, there has responsibilities of parents in one-career families and two-career families to concern the children’s feeling.
1. The roles of the parents in two-career families and one-career families for their children.
No matter in two-career families and one-career families, the role of the women is still the same that they having the character as a mother and the role of men are as a father to their children in the family (Sinha, 1993).Besides that, the parents in both one-career family and two-career family should have the positive role model in an active manner for their children. The parents should have the certain skill to build their children’s behavior (Lopez, 2004).
For example, the parents need to have proper behavior with their children and make sure always doing the right things when with the children (Burke, 1997).
2. The roles between husbands and wives in two-career families and one-career families.
In the past or in one-career family, the role of the husband is always the main financial provider and having more influence over the family (Franklin, 1998).
The wife in one-career family is to be the homemaker. Her roles will always to take care all of the housework according to the needs of the family (Franklin, 1998).
For example, the role of the wife is take charge in all the housework including cook for husband and children, cleaning, laundry, help to prepare the things need by husband and so on (Edwards, 2011).
In two-career family, they will have equal role between the husband and wife. Both of them have job and are the financial provider to their family (Gerson, 2002).
According to the research, both of them need commit to combine their professional and…