The oil atomizer types of oil fired boiler

The oil atomizer types of oil fired boiler
The oil atomizer of oil fired boiler can be divided into mechanical atomizing nozzle,steam atomizing nozzle, air atomizing nozzle and rotor type nozzle according to its structural characteristics and atomization methods.At present,most of the industrial oil boilers use mechanical atomizing nozzle,in this text,we will introduce these oil atomizers in details.
Mechanical atomizing nozzle
Mechanical atomizing nozzle is most commonly used by industrial oil boiler at present, it mainly use higher oil pressure to eject oil from the small hole,the oil is atomized into small oil droplets because of the jet flow pulsation and the impact of friction with the gaseous medium.
Compared with other forms of nozzle,mechanical atomizing nozzle possesses the advantages of small noise,simple structure.Compared with steam atomizing nozzle,it can reduce the water vapor content in flue gas,reduce exhaust smoke heat loss, and do not need atomizing medium.But its nozzle has higher requirement in processing quality,the nozzle of small capacity prone to clogging,pump and pipes have high pressure requirements.
Steam atomizing nozzle
Steam atomization principle is to use the high-speed steam jet to bring the oil out and break the oil into oil droplet,again due to the expansion of the steam and the oil particles are heated by flue gas in the furnace, and the oil particles are further crushed to finer mist.
Steam atomizing nozzle can be divided into the internal mixing type nozzle and external mixing nozzle according to the different place in which oil and steam mixes.Currently Y-shaped steam atomizing nozzle is often used,it is a new internal mixing type nozzle.
Steam atomizing nozzle has the advantages such as good quality of atomization,droplets of small mean particle size (50?m) and so on.But it need the consumption of steam,prone to corrosion and ash plugging, flue gas heat loss is large.
Rotor type nozzle
Rotor type nozzle working…