The weather impact on steam boilers

The weather impact on steam boilers
Steam boiler,as a boiler frequently used in industrial production,is also affected by the change of weather in operation, such as the cold winter need to do the work of steam boilers insulation,when summer comes,we need to prevent the high-temperature corrosion, the following specific analysis about the impact of weather on steam boilers is given by ZG for your reference:
Humidity is mainly affected by precipitation,in the long time of precipitation process, first of all,it will cause that the coal pulverizing system output is difficult,since entering too much water into the furnace,steam boiler exhaust heat loss increases.At the same time,precipitation and fog weather can also cause the temperature drops,which also have certain influence on the steam boiler efficiency.
The outside temperature changes in the winter and summer will vary 20~50 ?,affecting the boiler flue gas temperature 10~30 ?,the impact on the steam boiler efficiency is 1% ~2%.The difference between day and night will be around 10 ?,affecting the boiler flue gas temperature above 5 ?,the impact on boiler efficiency is 0.3%.
In addition,because the outside temperature changes,steam boiler auxiliary ambient temperature changes accordingly,also makes the boiler auxiliary bearings temperature changes accordingly with the temperature difference between day and night and in different seasons.Auxiliary bearing temperature is higher in summer and lower in winter,is a little higher in the day than at night,is a little higher in sunny days than rainy days.If the auxiliary cooling water uses water in river or lake or circulating water,the impact will be larger.
These are the impact of weather on steam boilers analyzed,ZG,as a leading steam boiler manufacturer in China,owns rich experience and reliable and various steam boilers,if you want to know,do not hesitate to contact us!