Tourism is commonly referred to as travelling for pleasure and fun. But is this really true for all the people involved? This essay will give you an insight into tourism and the consequences which arise thereby.
Firstly it is very sad that the much culture and traditions get lost and are overlooked by people who don’t take care of our nature and the beautiful places they destroy. For example there are so many people that only want to see the big buildings but are not interested in the hidden places, which are critically endangered. Like New York. So many beautiful green landscapes get destroyed by people who build new buildings and shops just to entertain the tourists.
Furthermore, one should not forget that most people don’t take care of things that don’t belong to them. For instance they throw away so much waste into the nature, because they probably never see this place again and so they don’t care of what they do to our nature. I know so many places in my town which are rubbish-strewn because people went over them and know they will never see them again.
Moreover there is a danger that those places, that are protected new, will also get destroyed because of the high amount of tourists who want to see them just to take photos and are not mindful to protect them too. Such as National parks, which are overcrowded with lots of tourists who don’t know how to deal with such sensitive places.
Of course, it has to be stated that there are more and more people who travel sustainable and respect the nature and the environment but nevertheless there are too less people who think this way.
I would even go as far as to say that there will be very few quiet and natural places in the future if we don?t change anything. Because if people don’t protect our nature and do what they want there will be more and more destroyed places in the future. Look at all the beautiful, green places we had in the past and how they got destroyed…