Unit 13

Graham Turnbull Essay Competition
The competition is open to all current or prospective law students, trainee solicitors,
pupils, solicitors and barristers within three years of admission/call at the closing date.
You will still be eligible if you are currently between stages and intend ultimately to
pursue a career in law.
Guidelines for the submission of entries
All entries must address the topic of this year’s competition and not exceed 2,000
words (including footnotes).
Please prepare your entry in the following style adopted by the Law Society for
All entries must be typed.
Please provide a cover page giving
? Your full name
? Postal address, email and daytime telephone contact number
? Your eligibility to enter the contest
? The word count for your entry (which must include footnotes)
Do not put your name in the text of the entry or number the pages.
You do not need to provide a bibliography.
Please use:
? A4 paper
? 1.5 line spacing
? Ariel 11 point for the text and Ariel 10 point for footnotes
? Justified alignment
Spelling: please use UK English spelling rather than American variants and ‘s’ rather
than ‘z’ in words such as ‘recognise’. Please be consistent. However, do not change
alternative spellings in quoted material and book and article titles.
Footnote numbers should be placed after a full stop or other punctuation, not before.
Footnotes should be placed at the foot of the page, not at the end of the text.
The house style is to spell out numbers only under 10 in the text.
Foreign words or short phrases that are not commonly used in English should be
Spell out words such as ‘figure’ and ‘per cent’ in the text.
acceptable in footnotes so long as you are consistent.Abbreviations arePlease make sure that your final copy can easily be opened as a Word document
and does not have any restrictions placed on it in terms of access.
Please remember that this is an international…