US Imports and Exports Analysis

U.S. Trade Analysis with other CountriesAbstract
Purpose- This paper presents the analysis of U.S. imports and exports by managing the trade balance. It also presents the leading U.S. imports and exports in terms of value along with the important partners.
Design/methodology/approach- The author explains the balance of trade including the rise and fall of U.S. trade deficit using the analysis between different countries imports and exports.
Research limitations/implications- The study is limited to analysis of imports, exports, trade surplus and deficit of U.S. trading.
Originality/value- This paper will help to build up the understanding about the basic imports, exports and importance of balancing the trade cycle for a country.
Keywords- Deficit, Import, Export, Surplus, Economy
IntroductionEvery country has to follow a set of policies, methods and processes in order to perform imports and exports. A number of conflicts arise due to weak foreign trading policies by countries. It requires professional expertise to manage the trade of a country. There are also a number of conflicts generated between the different countries related to financial decisions of countries. To eliminate the risk involved in financial issues a system of principles, procedures, policies, responsibilities, accountabilities are used by stakeholders. Many of the famous financial scandals are noted in the history occurring at Parmalat, Nortel, and Enron. It has cost a lot of drop in the market, huge loss of saving, loss of jobs and decrease in taxes. The financial scandals have made corporations to learn and practice new methods. The imports and exports must be managed effectively in order to manage a nation. A nation work on the same principles like an organization but a very huge level. There are a number of departments involved combined together to create a nation. A nation economy is the representation of the nation in the world. Different nations…