Use Maize Processing Machinery After Maize Is Sown

Maize is a hardy crop that grows in many soil types unless the area is often under water. Soil, tilled at least three times before sowing wheat produces an optimum number of germinated seeds. Till the ground to a depth of 6 inches one month before planting and again two weeks before and one more time just before sowing.
Spread your seed by hand for a small crop, but we now use maize processing machinery to do this work. Most sowing machine are available to rent from local agricultural cooperatives in farming communities.
We are a manufacturer that can produce various models of MAIZE PROCESSING MACHINERY. From the pre-treatment of raw material, through all steps of the maize processing machinery milling process to finished products. We provide a clear flowchart design. With reliable information about moisture, protein, ash, gluten, water absorption and other important parameters.
Main maize processing machinery technology parameters:
Maize processing machinery capacity: 5 -500T/24h
Flour quality: First Grade, Second Grade, Standard
We provide single maize processing machinery as well as complete maize processing machinery plant. Technology is the resource of innovation ,and innovation drive the development, we gurantee all our machinery with best quality, after-sale service. Welcome to our factory visit and make cooperation with us.
When sowing the maize seeds, the rate of one seed should be every 3 inches and space your rows 6 inches apart. If you like, you can spread a tiny bit of soil over the exposed seed to depth of 1/8 of an inch unless your soil is soft and porous. The maize seeds will fall into the low areas where they will quickly develop roots.
After harvest, you can mill the maize with maize processing machinery.
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