What are new ways people can use digital tools to change the world

Umme Laila Sherazi
Writer Bay
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1 November 2015
New ways people can use digital tools to change the world
As the wave of digital disruption is passing by, from industry to industry, the world is changing every day and every minute changing “the change” as we knew it thus, making it inexorable for us to grow into a digital planet or “digital earth” as few likes to call it. All these changes have introduced a whole new set of digital tools which can be used to either bring about new changes or cope with the changes already occurred as the case maybe. This paper discusses the ways these digital tools can be used to bring those changes.
One big change these tools support is that these made possible to interconnect different businesses and customers by bringing products and services at one common platform feeding into the idea of “digital ecosystem”. This has resulted in proliferation of the economic significance for all kinds of companies. For example, the tools such as WhatsApp, LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter etc. have hundreds of millions of users ranging from individuals to multinational companies which bring them together to share all kinds of information ranging from casual conversation to discussions on the quality, prices and reputation of products and companies respectively.
These tools also encourage sharing of resources between businesses in order to create products and applications that can offer new services and help build an interconnected group of networks to reshape customer experiences in order to penetrate into new markets. For example, a car manufacturer can partner with the leading companies in multiple technologies like navigation systems, media, social media, entertainment etc. to let the drivers enjoy a fully focused driving through communication, navigation and entertainment.
Whether they’re the “tools” that are bringing these “changes” in the world or it’s the “changes” in the world that are forcing the “modifications in…