What Do You Knw About Maize Milling Machine Usage

Here are basically two types of MAIZE MILLING MACHINE divided by its material: steel maize milling machine and stone maize milling machine. Most traditional maize processing machinery are made of stone. Compared to the modern steel maize milling machine, the traditional small scale maize milling machine consumes a lot of energy, time and also with a small capacity per hour. While, the biggest advantage of stone maize milling machine is that it keeps full nutritional ingredients. In comparison, modern steel grain mill heat up during its work, and deprives of its nutritional value. After series of trails, Win Tone manufactures small scale stone maize milling machine taking a full advantages of traditional maize milling machine and also overcomes its limitations. The other advantage of stone maize milling machine is that it is durable and can work continual for a long time without replacing any part.
Then how to use the maize processing machinery to process good quality productsCleaning is the first process of making maize grits. It is aimed to remove the foreign material such as dust, stone, straw and others out of maize. The normal maize cleaning machine includes vibrating screen which is widely used to separate particles, dust, large or small impurities, air separation that can be used to remove low-density particle, and destoning machine.
In order to maintain its moisture, clean maize is feed into blender. Water sprinkles are installed inside to spray some water for around 5-10minnutes.
In degerming process, what you need to do first is fuel some water. Generally speaking, the fuel water should be 1.5%-2.0% of the entire maize, and remains for 40-60 minutes. 16%-18% moisture will keep embryo with tenacity. The left endosperm can be processed in maize oil and peel is available for livestock feed. In degerming process, we always use maize degerminator.
After cleaning and degerming, maize can be feed into maize milling machine. Maize milling process is close…