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www.uophelp.comXBIS 219 Week 1 CheckPoint The Information Systems Department
XBIS 219 Week 1 Discussion Question 1 & 2
XBIS 219 Week 2 CheckPoint A Microfinance MIS
XBIS 219 Week 2 Assignment Amazon Evolution
XBIS 219 Week 3 CheckPoint Online Auction
XBIS 219 Week 3 Discussion Question 1 & 2
XBIS 219 Week 4 CheckPoint Picture the Supply Chain
XBIS 219 Week 4 Assignment Club IT, Part 1
XBIS 219 Week 5 CheckPoint Problems at JetBlue
XBIS 219 Week 5 Discussion Question 1 & 2
XBIS 219 Week 6 CheckPoint Systems Development Life Cycle (SDLC)
XBIS 219 Week 6 Assignment Club IT, Part 2
XBIS 219 Week 7 CheckPoint Internet Privacy
XBIS 219 Week 7 Discussion Question 1 & 2
XBIS 219 Week 8 CheckPoint Web 2.0
XBIS 219 Week 8 Assignment Where Did You Find That Book
XBIS 219 Week 9 Capstone DQ
XBIS 219 Week 9 Final Project Club IT, Part 3

XBIS 219 week 8 Assignment Where Did You Find That Book
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1. Assignment: Where Did You Find that Book
• Resources: Amazon’s Web Site, Barnes & Noble Web site, and the Web site of a local bookseller• Conduct research on the following three booksellers: Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and a local bookseller of your choice in terms of business model, competition, and m-commerce capabilities. At http://www.amazon.com, click on Investor Relations and Careers on the bottom of the Web site. At www.bn.com, click Barnes & Noble, Inc. at the bottom of their Web site.• Prepare a six- to eight-slide Microsoft® PowerPoint® presentation, including speaker’s notes. Address the following: Define each bookseller’s business model and describe how they compete with each other. Identify the communication technologies used by each bookstore. Describe the m-commerce capabilities of each…